2.5 Good

Director and writer, Mrs. Gauri Shinde is very good at her work. Every frame is beautiful and adds something to the scene, character or film, like kid wearing unusual goggles made with cycle chainsaw wheel design ,which leads a beautiful conversation between two main characters. When director witnesses the film on paper, such type of crispiness comes alive. Story is simple journey of life, emotionally involving with others especially opposite gender. Screenplay is very impressing and of today's. In starting few minutes, girl breaks the news to her boyfriend that she has slept with another guy in very casual way, which clearly gives hint of what type of film this is going to be. Boy also reacts in subtle ways without any over the note drama. In another scene engagement of another male person to someone else is revealed to the girl very casually but effectively. There is not, any so called and underlined key scenes but if you can notice every scene conveys something. Introduction of all characters is very casual without minding their star value. The lead female character has something which is messing inside her is shown in very subtle ways in beginning, like turning by its side of an auto rickshaw miniature, sofa cushion and other things. After a long time I watched a film which doesn't have dialogues but intelligent interactions. Psychologist interpretation with chair for the person past in girl's life to help her to come over her self guilt is so cute and even last frame of film ends with this note. First half is full of happening but second half slows a bit. It becomes repetitive and preachy somehow without any happening. Climax is very practical and brave, without minding typical cinema point of view of love angle between two main actors. Even supportive actors character, especially lead girl friends are conceived brilliantly supported by very good performance too. Performance wise Alia Bhatt is out standing. In every frame her reactions are superb. Shah Rukh Khan should have been appreciated to accept such type of real character. He is impressive. Yashaswini Dayama as Jackie, Kaira female friend is very good. Rest cast are just fine.