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DEAR ZINDAGI - Why English WINGLISH(debut movie of the director) was a great film is that it was very much relatable to real life. Thats not the case here. All this movie wants to do is to teach about ZINDAGI , but most of the things happened in the movie is either things which you don't relate or the things you already knows. Take this as a basis, KAIRA (Alia) is an independent working girl. Ambitious , beautiful , attract a lot of boys , have very good friends, getting good opportunities at work as cinematographer(that's pretty awesome) still she has a lot of problem. Its like you are unhappy with everything happening good in your life. And there is no bad luck , anything bad happens in her life were just because of her bad decisions. And those problems were by themselves were not that big as big as KAIRA makes them. i mean she cries because his landlord said her to leave her room because she is not married. So what , she wasn't poor or something , its not like she will not get anymore rooms in Mumbai , whats the big deal. Thats the big reason why its hard to sympathies for her. All the breakups she does are her own decisions , not a single boy in the film is really a bad person. In-fact nobody did anything wrong with her. She doesn't even behave good around her parents. WHY? . Well the movie did answer that question , almost after 80% movie is finished. And that time you were not in the mood of thinking all the way back to those uninteresting and long therapy sessions as its a 2 an a half hour unnecessarily long film. Alia is good , but she never matches what she did in HIGHWAY or UDTA PUNJAB , but cant complain. Some scenes were there when she shows her real potential , but those were very few. SRK is just SRK. He just talked normally. Like he talks in Koffee With Karan or like he cracks jokes in Kapil Sharma show. His character doesn't have anything unique to make him different from the personality of SRK himself. Among the boyfriends i like Ali Zafar most. Its too bad that two songs sung by himself in the movie has been released in Arijit Singh's voice in the music album. i Don't understand this obsession of everybody with Arijit Singh. By the way , songs doesn't add much to the movie. Direction is good but the screenplay is weak. The movies have too many conversation , which should have been interesting but its not. SRK in running through a rough patch. Dilwale and FAN both were flop. And FAN was definitely better then this. So i don't think much of a good result here at the box office. DEAR ZINDAGI is definitely not a movie to watch in theater , not even a must watch on your laptop , nor much of anything for die hard SRK fans (their may be something for ALia's fans). Although i am not saying its a bad movie , but its hard to give you an exact reason to watch this movie except for burning time. Unless you are too much frustrated with you life and don't know what to do, those will be the only kind of persons who can rightfully relate to this movie. Everybody else just chill out , because life is too sweet to hate it. 6.4/10 By ANuP APu KuMaR