4 Very Good

If you deal with uncertainty, or a lack of motivation in your life, this movie will definitely touch your soul. It aspires to make you fight your demons, through a relatable story, for some, and great acting. Alia Bhatt is without a doubt, on top of her acting game this year, this performance is second only to her in Udta Punjab. The movie is a bit slow in the beginning, but picks up near the second act. I will say that the movie felt like a philosophy lecture, where your professor is Shahrukh Khan. I do not feel that the movie will be the most successful at the box office, but it will probably impact a few peoples lives in a major way, which in my opinion is worth a lot more. Just a disclaimer, everything I have said is just my perspective of the film, you and I will probably have different opinions, if you choose to watch the movie, I hope you enjoy :)