3.5 Very Good

Let me get this straight this is one of the best movies of year..

If an actor is making commercial movies more often than there comes a time in his life when audience get sick of his usual attitude towards selection of script.Then the actor starts to realize that now time has come to let everyone know that he got some acting skills.This was the situation of Shah Rukh Khan.His last few movies were all commercial with Fan being an exception.It was his time to return and shut all of his critics.But man o man how did he comeback.Truly sensational.

Now let's get back to movie.

Preview(No spoilers): Movie is about a girl who is desperate who is fighting all the hardships of life.Her on again off again love life until she meets this middle aged psychiatrist Jehangir which teaches her how to be free, how to say no to life, how to live it in your own way.

Direction:As everybody here knows that movie's director is Gauri Shinde.She debuted with English Vinglish which was both commercial and critical success.This is Gauri's second directorial venture and she totally nailed it.Movie is almost as flawless as it gets.I rarely found a glitch in it.Indeed the movie shows her hard work.

Acting:As movie's mainly focused on Alia Bhatt's character so let's first discuss her. She gives her truly best and her character was brought to life by her.She is god gifted and has a lot of talent. This girl will surely go a long way in her career. And then there is Shah Rukh Khan.I actually watched this movie because of him.Earlier this year his Fan was released.The movie didn't do well on Box Office but was a really great movie and SRK nailed both the characters.Like Fan he was the main highlight of the Dear Zindagi too.His sarcasm his cuteness and above all his acting in this movie is absolutely out of the world.As he faced a lot of criticism for Dilwal,Happy New Year,Chennai Express etc but now he is back to shut all of his critics.

Cinematography:Movie does well in this section too.It was interesting how the story progressed with time.

Story:Story is as simple as it gets and yet very complicated.It was very thought provoking.It changes the way you look at your life at your destiny.Story is pure work of class and hard work put in by Gauri Shinde.

Overall:Overall the movie is very likable.Even hours later of watching it it stayed on top of my mind.

Pros:+Shah Rukh back to his best.

+Great and flawless story.


+All the hard work put in by whole team

Cons:None that I can find.

At the end I strongly recommend it to everyone to go and watch this movie. Its one in a million type of movie.Don't miss it