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Music Review by - Bappa Debnath

" Damadamm " is a comeback film of Himesh Reshammiya . His music at " Bodyguard " is a huge hit & crossed all the previous records. Music launch of " Damadamm " was held at HR musik Limited . " Damadamm" has 15 songs including 4 remix and one house mix.

Lets take a look at all the songs...

"Umrao Jaan"- Himesh Reshammiya & Purbi Joshi is a dance track & its now very popular . The song is made very creatively . This song has one remix version also .

The title track "Damadamm Mast Mast"- Himesh Reshammiya,Vinit Singh,Alam Gir Khan,Palak Muchhal,Shabab Sabri, Sabina Shaikh,Rubina Shaikh & Punnu Brar is a very good song .The song will like by most people.This song is very well sung. The remix version of this song is very good & quite different from Original one .

"Hum Tum Train Ki"- Himesh Reshammiya & Vaishali Made.Its Himesh Reshammiyas one of the best song according to be. The song is very lovely and touchy anyone is bound to love this one .

"I Need My Space" is sung by Himesh Reshammiya . This song start with rocking voice of Himesh Reshammiya. Himesh sung this song in middle octave.The tune of this song is very energetic .

The song became my favorite is "Aja Ve Mahiya" by Himesh Reshammiya. This song sounds like "Teri Meri"( Bodyguard). Himesh tried to give best effort in this song and i think he is successful . This song has one remix version . Remix one is also my favorite.

The cap is back in this song . Himesh sung this song in his signature voice ( High Pitch) "Madhushala Mein Khoya"- Himesh Reshammiya & Aditi Singh Sharma . Its going to be a huge hit . This song has a remix version & house mix version also.

Himesh sung one sad song is "Tere Bina Jiya Nahi Jaaye" its deserve to be a biggest hit . this song is one of the best creation of Himesh Reshammiya.voice is very fresh in this song.

"Yun To Mera Dil" is very soft song . I like this song very much . This song proved that he can create very fresh music .Himesh Reshammiya sung this song very well & Sadhana Sargam is awesome in this song .

"Mango" start with introducing "Sameer"( Himesh Reshammiya). This song is another soft song by Himesh Reshammiya & Aditi Singh Sharma.

For the 1st time Himesh gave chance to Sachin Gupta to compose a song from " Damadamm " This song is shows another talent of Himesh Reshammiya as an lyricist. The song "Bhool Jaaun" is sung by Sachin Gupta and Himesh sung some lines as well. This song is Promotional song . This song will touch the heart of all .

So , Music will be chartbuster without any doubt. Lets hope that the film will be also "HIT " .