3 Good


Dabangg... starting with wohi gshi-pitti kahani of brothers and family melodrama, it was so bad the beginning. I was disappointed with beginning but the film start to nourish after that. Salman Actions makes film more and more interesting.

No Wonder how, the film combines its small stories with new caracters coming in. The scenes with Dimple Kapadia and Salman are awesome. The stylish action (The wanted typed) maintain the interest.

Next, entry of Sonakshi make the films to romantic way. Meanwhile, the twist continues with small part adding to the film story. For a while, I do not understand what I am watching.

Sonakshi entry marks the flow of songs which continue one by one. In total screening of only over 2 hours, songs has took majors part of the film. The songs are only place for Sonakshi to express her acting skills. But one thing, the chemistry between Salman and Sonakshi will mark new revoluation as its added the sweetness to the film in rural style.No argument that she is good as a new comer.

Arbaaz Khan appears in a role with limited space which is perfectly for him. Vinod Khanna in Brief role and he didn't get much scope to do. However, its the same case with most of the actors who are just the Support for Chubul Panday like Mahi Gill, Anupam Kher, Om Puri.

The remarkable is Dimple Kapadia who sunshines the mother-son love in such brief role. Sonu Sood appears as never seen before and he is second after Salman who makes remarkable job. Sonakshi father add some humour in the film.

The film is useless if the climax is not as it is. In other words, the climax save the film. Like Ghajani, the action is extraveganza and it seems illogical. But as it has been shot in such stylish way that you remain seated in theatre.

Malaika Arora Khan sizzles with her sexy item number leaving Shilpa and Bebo behind (unlike what is written in lyric).

Salam as Chubul is a pleasure to work and I hope, it a pleasure to play a caracter which is tailor made for him. The climax, Sonu Sood and Samlan made the film workable. No wonder it logical or not. A decent watch.