1.5 Average


This film creates a new quote that "All's well that ends BAD". As a horror filck it's very cool but conceptionally it drowns at the end. Seriously Very Dissapointing at the end. It is like the remake of "Raaz".

PLOT : Siddharth(Shreyash), a fashion phtographer suddenly starts getting haunting attacks and remembers of his betrayal to Aarti(Sneha Ullal) and tells it to his present girlfriend Simran(Sada). They go to Aartis house and find that Aarti has died and her body has still not burnt. At last, When her body gets burnt Siddharth & Simran get relief. But still.... At last Siddharth finds that Aarti is always sitting on his Back. What A Story!!!!!

ACTING : Nothing to say. Not Satisfying.


TECHNIQUE : Now This is a point where i can say something. As a horror filck, it's a succesful mission. Haunting technique is very good. There is nowhere misery seen in Haunting. But conceptionally, this haunting does not make any difference.

VERDICT : This film will hold your breath to watch the end. But..... At last you will have to breath out a very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Breath. So, Thumbs Down. But it will not dissapoint those who love HORROR more than the Film.

Acting - 3/10
Direction - 3.5/10
Story - 3/10
Music - 0/10
Technique - 7/10