2.5 Good


Mr. Taran Adarsh said that Click is heavily inspired from Thai film Shutter. But I completely disgaree. It not heavily but it is a complete rip-off of the famous Thai film Shutter.

But alas...if that can save this film. Wall crawling, bloody mess, whatever it takes to make a horror film a horror was done. Result it is not horror anymore...its horrible! I mean when do you see Sneha Ulal as a ghost and get frightened???? Maybe Ash have some problem with that but we dont.

Santosh Sivan tried his full best to make this film a real horror. But it failed. Why??? Due to some horrible performances.

Sreyas is that you? That what audience can ask after some fine perfomances in his previous outings..he failed miserably.

Still okay if you are a horror buff and can adjust those goosebumps in theatres which is bit rare in this film.