2.5 Good

Get on the Train baby !!

Rohit Shetty's Chennai Express is a typical masala entertainer as he always have, Those stunts, Cars specially Scorpio, those lovely locations and sometime senseless stories.. :p

Yup Chennai express is nothing more but a senseless story or you could say technically illogical concept movie..

But movie has some newly comedy style, specially having conversation in songs, then the DDLJ train scene, few emotional scenes are good. It has a masala entertainment in 1st half and 2nd half goes a bit bore with 3 songs and some nonsense part show. Movie makes you giggle many a times and I should say after a long time you could go and watch a romantic drama movie with a FAMILY.. This matter a lot now a days..

Acting wise Deepika is much better then SRK, she has done a superb job and full justice with Tamil Ascent.. SRK is again into same, spreading his arm and bending down on right knee but many a time he gives a good job with comic timing.. Rest all characters have played a good role in the movei.

Locations are super awesome, nothing can beat Rohit Shetty in it, Dudhsagar, Rameshwaram and Mugaon (downside of mahableshwar which is also shown deepikas home town) is lovely..

Music dosent have much scope except titli and kashmir kanyakumari, tough the lungi dance kept all the audience waited till the end.

Movie won't do as good as Salmans Dabanga or bodyguard type because Salman movies are anytime more entertaining.. But then yes you can go and watch a movie with family after a long time..

2.5 stars