2 Average

Chandni Chowk To China

Every movie should be respected as it takes great hardwork to make a film. Well I think CC2C is one of those. But i'm not saying that i liked the movie. It's not to the expectations of all. Story and direction is a complete disaster.
First half of the movie is pathetic. Second half bring some energy to the movie. Only some not more. Action Sequences are good. But if u expect as other Kunfu films u wont be satisfied.

I liked Deepika as a chinese villain more than the indian. All said but without Akshay Kumar this film would make history in list of disastrous movies. Thank God he is there. He is soul, USP and almost everything of CC2C.

So due to the presence of Akki the Khiladi Kinng Kumar the film may be a hit but definitly not a blockbuster as Singh is Kinng and Ghajini.
I hope it wont Flop coz Akshay is my all time favourite. But can't say anything i leave it to destiny.