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Chaalis Chauraasi

Fake police officers in a stolen police van are asked to assist real policemen to apprehend a feared gangster.

Based in Mumbai, a former professor, Pankay Purshottam Suri (Naseerudin Shah) finds out about fake Rupee notes stashed in a remote location in Kalyan. He recruits a drug-dealer, Shakti Chinnappa (Ravi Kishan); a pimp-wannabe singer, Bhaskar Sardesai (Atul Kulkarni); and a car thief Albert Pinto (Kay Kay Menon) to assist him and share Rs.20 Crores. The foursome don police uniforms but are unable to procure a police van, and end up stealing one right under the noses of real police. Without any plan, they decide to have some fun - and it is this decision that will end up threatening their lives when they will be asked by Crime Branch Officer, Mahesh Naik (Rajesh Sharma) to assist him to locate and arrest a feared gangster named Tonny Bisleri (Zakir Hussain).
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)