1 Poor


So its an official remake of Hollywood flick Warrior..Really?? Well its hard to believe Because not in a single frame this movie is even half as close to Tom hardy" warrior.i never had a huge expectation from this movie but still i went in the theater with mixed expectation since i had really liked warrior.Where warrior was very well written and executed,brothers on the other hand lacks that treatment.Warrior was so intelligent and brothers is so dumb.Till the movie reaches interval,we all were wondering what is actually happening and then the second half came which was even more dumber.It has a weak plot that did not progress and eventually it collapsed down under its own weight offering just some blood shedding action scenes,but i would recommend you to watch TNA any time.This movie is simply avoidable,go and watch warrior instead.The music is also very boring and couldn't hold well for the movie,Siddharth had tried to act hard but all in vain.Its unimaginative how such a bowl of movie can be made from a movie like warrior.LAst time the combination of Karan Malhotra and Karan Johar worked well for Agneepath,but sadly it could not happen this time.