4 Very Good


Brothers is the official remake of the Hollywood blockbuster "Warriors", Lions Gate the producer of the original have come on board to produce the remake , giving Brothers more of an authentic touch. Bothers summed up is pretty much Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum meets MMA. Its an emotional bloody saga. While in the first half the story is set up with a lot of character development ,and emotional scenes that gets your tears rolling. The 2nd half however is full of fast paced,adrenaline pumping, bone crunching action. Brothers is by far the best technical action film ever made in India. We have never seen MMA aka mixed martial arts fighting on screen in India. From Karate, to boxing , to just free style fighting we see it all. And the fight choreography is amazing, making the fights look 100% real. One is left in awe from the fights. You will be left clapping in the 2nd half and climax.

The films story starts of with Gary Fernandez coming out of all jail to realize that only one of his sons Monty is there to pick him up. As the story goes forward we realize that Gary was an ex fighter and so is his younger son Monty. His older son David on the other hand is a physics teacher, who is married and has a daughter who is ill with a kidney disease. David was also an ex fighter and is now strapped for money. When the film goes into a flashback we realize that David doesn't talk to his dad anymore because his dad accidentally killed his mother in a drunk state. We also find out that Monty is his step brother who he also thinks is responsible for his mothers death. Back in the present David who is strapped for cash starts street fighting again,and because of that loses his job. Monty on the other hand is full of anger for his brother, and hates his dads love for his brother. Then comes up the first MMA fighting championship in India R2F aka right too fight. Monty joins the tournament to prove himself,and David joins it to get money to finance his daughter illness so she can get a kidney transplant. This forms the crux of the remaining plot, to know more rush to the theatres.

Acting wise brothers was casted perfectly. Akshay Kumar steals the show as David. He has a restrained performance, but you can see the fire in his eyes. His action scenes leave you in awe. Siddarth Malhotra gets less screen time but he is good, but he doesn't do many complex fights as akki, he transformation is commendable however. Jackie Shroff gets one of his career best roles, and in the emotional scenes he leaves you with tears in your eyes. Jacqueline Fernandez is great in her de glam role, she actual gets a chance to act and does well.Kiran Kumar and Ashtoush Rana are apt.The rest MMA fighter perform amazing action.

Dir Karan Malhotra after Agneepath has made a great film. But where the film lacks is that some points the emotional scenes seem wooden, and does not evoke feeling they should.The films pace could have been better if film had a tighter edit. However a couple of others pluses are the great cinematography, Mumbai looked beautiful and the apt music, especially the blooding pumping brothers anthem.

Overall Brothers is the perfect remake of warriors for the Indian audience, its got solid emotional scenes the will leave you with tears, there is some of best action seen in a Indian film and the acting is just superb. A couple setbacks withstanding, brothers is a winner, a blockbuster in the making!

3.5/5* or 7/10