1.5 Average

Well i m Shocked that Taran Adarsh dont know how to give review of the movie BLUE frankly speaking te Film Blue is Flop Movies only Fight squences r good & the photography by Pete Zuccarini is fabulous well i dont understand How many days Taran Adarsh watch movies that he dont know the whole movies script is on Sanjay Dutt he was the Man who can find the treasure,who have Heroine & who have story abt his father Died & Taran say that Sanjay Dutt has done his part Well & Akshay Kumar Has Steal the show the Person who dont have single emotional Scene the script is around Sanjay Dutt bot on Akshay Kumar if Taran think Than Akshay Kumar Role can b done by any Film Actor who is not wel known because he does'nt have anythign in movies except wearing Rich kind of dressess & i song with Kylie Minouge nothing Akshay have on this movies whole script is written on Sanjay dutt than y Mr Taran Adarsh u r parcialiting on sanjay Dutt & Akshay Kumar Sanjay dutt has done fabulous Role specially in emotional scene & fight scene sanjay steal the shows Write wat is truth Mr Taran Adarsh Dont show the people that u have taken money from Akshay Or anybody & writing good reviews abt Akshay Kumar