0.5 Poor

Saw Blue last night. It sucked, right from the mediocre dialogues to Akshay Kumar's choice of pink clothing (and shoes). The budget for this movie I was told was around 80 crore so my friends and I did the math, 20 crore for Akshay (probably to buy his pink), 10 crore for the aging, slow, paunchy Sanjay Dutt (he sure could use the money to get a gym membership), another 20 crore for miscellaneous things (Zayed and Lara including) and the final 30 crore to buy the underwater shots from Discovery Channel.

Talking about the individual characters, Akshay like I said was flaunting himself, with and without clothes, with a new goatie this time. He must have made his designer proud. Sanju baba really did not fit into the role of a fisherman in the tight scuba gear, his paunch doing most of the talking for him. Lara was the only saving grace with her bikinis which I may add were the skimpiest ever (Bips could be 2nd and Kareena a very distant 3rd). Then there was Rahul Dev, the villian, who was the only one with a black suit on beach. Way to stay cool! I think he makes a good villian after having seen him in a Telugu movie as a baddie. What else? Oh yeah there was Zayed the pseudo biker who actually looked very gay with his new hairdo. I think he needs to take lessons from Johan Abraham on how to be a biker. Someone also ought to teach him how to be suave with the ladies because he blew it when trying to be cool with Katrina who btw looked smashing as a biker chick with the stud under the lip and the hair.

The only thing more complex about the whole plot of the movie was probably the clarity of the blue ocean .The story summed up in the last 15 minutes or so with a very sad looking Kabir Bedi in a blink-and-you-miss role. The plot based on discovering treasure from the sea, Sanju baba knows where it is and Akshay wants it and devices a plan where he uses Rahul Dev to black mail Zayed (Sanju's brother) for money. Sanju in turn has to comply when his girl Lara is kidnapped by Rahul. The main reason explained by Akshay in the end.

The rest of the time was used to do justice to the 30 crores spent on acquiring the rights from Discovery. Some things which I did like were the locales, Lara underwater, the cool boats at the pier and the shark fighting ability of both Akshay and Sanju baba. Ok truth be told I didn't like the latter bit. Since it was a 2 hour movie I thanked the producers for keeping it short because seeing so much water just made me go the loo many times.

In the end it was a bad movie for me. 'Main aur Mrs. Khanna' is next so I'm hoping better things.