5 Excellent


Bhootnath is a movie which is beyond entertainment and profit making. To be very honest, i wasnt very excited to watch the first half of Bhootnath. But in the later half… when the actual story comes to light…. i realised that Bhootnath is much bigger than just a movie. It deals with a very emotional issue which was been left unattended. Its an issue which is faced by millions of parents today in India. I deeply believe, Bhootnath once seen, cannot be fotgotten. It is not aimed to make profits but to stimulate the ideologoy of the young generation of India. All the professional aspirants who have watched Bhootnath.... will have their task clearly set as to what are there biggest priorities in life and also make there best to make sure that there parents do not face what Kailashnath did. I am glad to see that Amitabh has chosen to act in such a story in spite of knowing that it may not be the greatest of hits in the Box Office. It successfully conveys a positive message for the betterment of our society. HATS OFF