4 Very Good

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Just cam back after watching this movie, Bhool Bhulaiya does full justice to the Malayalam hit "Manichitrathazh" and 100 times better than the tamil version which was made just to mint money as it had Rajnikanth playing Akshay Kumar's role.

This movie was the best shot compared to the other two and Akshay kumar has done a good job almost as good as Mohanlal who played the same role in the malayalam version.Vidya Balan was just average if u consider the fact that Shobana played the same role in the malayalam version and won a national award for it.

Overall a good movie to watch n njoy. I think some ppl wanted the hit song " hare ram hare krishna" to be somewhere in the movie but i think it was better in the end else it would have spoilt the whole movie flow. And just becos the movie might not be making money doesnt mean it aint a good movie. So i suggest people to start watching movies not based on what 2-3 ppl on websites or tv channels say abt it but judge movies on its merits
and go watch it.