0.5 Poor


Bewafa is a typical love triangle movie with a script that has been seen 100s of times. The movie starts with Kareena waking up from bed after a sleep with so much make up on. Perhaps, she woke up 1 hour ago,added make up, lied on the bed and woke up again. She is in love with Akshay Kumar, who loves her dearly. Her Sister Sushmita marries Anil, has a child and dies. Nobody forced or even suggested Kareena to marry her brother in law, but she immediately did. She never bothered to tell Akshay, she just quickly decided to get married. Years later, the movie focuses on the married couple, who are always distant from each other. Does it take years to get to know one another, here it does. Akshay suddenly returns, and the question is will she become unfaithful. Kareena Kapoor delivers yet another disastrous performance, I would slap her up if i see her. Akshay Kumar is generally a good actor, but why he chose to star in this. Anil Kapoor has given us great performances in the past, not anymore. Sushmita Sen is hardly there, and with a blink she is gone. Manoj Bajpai and Shamita Shetty are ever so annoying and so unrealistic. Manoj has given us Powerful performances in the past, in this film he was pathetic. A complete disaster coming from a good director, BOREDOM.