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Bas Yun Hi Movie Review

Bas Yun Hi Movie Rating

Bandra West Productions' BAS YUN HI, directed by Raja Menon, is an attempt to represent today's urban Indian youth.

Chef/caf?wner Kabir [Sameer Malhotra], stock broker Rohan [Rajiv Gopalakrishnan] and assistant director Aditya [Purab Kohli] are friends. Aditya decides to play a prank on Rohan and brings into the picture an actress, Veda [Nandita Das].

The action begins when Aditya accidentally finds Rohan's 'kundli' and in it a description of the girl he is destined to marry. This description does not remotely resemble Tara, Rohan's fianc?

Aditya organizes for an accidental meeting between Rohan and Veda (who he makes up to fit the girl in the 'kundli'). What follows are a series of meetings between the two, which Aditya is filming. The story goes through many turns before reaching its resolution.

The director [Raja Menon] and writer of the film seem heavily inspired by DIL CHAHTA HAI. Coincidentally, the story of the flick also bears a slight resemblance to the recently released TWO WEEKS NOTICE. Unfortunately, in this case, the drama is not riveting, the romance is half-baked and the light moments fail to bring a smile on your face.

The story starts in such a fashion that you take time to grasp the goings-on. In fact, the viewer takes time to comprehend that one of the friends [Purab] is playing a prank on the other [Rajiv].

One of the glaring mistakes in the script is that the writer has not cared to show tender moments between Purab and Nandita, which is why when Purab starts feeling jealous of Rajiv, you don't sympathise with Purab at all.

Also, the pace of the film drops alarmingly soon after the intermission and with no strong content to talk of, the proceedings tend to get boring. Even the climax is a complete letdown.

Raja Menon's direction is very city-centric. Perhaps, he seemed inspired by the new wave that has gripped Bollywood of late � medium-budget, crossover films � but the outcome is uninspiring. Rajeev-Merlin's music is also of the fast-forward quality.

Among the cast, it is Purab Kohli who leaves a mark. He carries the mischievous look, so essential for this character, very effortlessly. In fact, it is his performance that infuses life in an otherwise drab film. Rajiv Gopalakrishnan is alright. However, he needs to be more relaxed in front of the camera. Sameer Malhotra has no role to talk of.

Nandita Das's role doesn't demand histrionics. Nevertheless, she carries it off well. The remaining three girls are so-so.

On the whole, BAS YUN HI neither entertains, nor enlightens. It may appeal to a very, very small segment of cinegoers � the college crowd only � but even they won't come out feeling satiated. Poor.

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