3.5 Very Good

Bahubali – The Beginning

am mostly compelled with the beautiful script which in a way reminds me of poetry, though it is still everyday language. I love the acting portrayed by the characters that are also superb and the parts suit them perfectly. There are also a number of less "popular" elevation of characters who also deserve a big "bravo". Among them I have to mention epic kingdom queen who is mostly used as the serious relief of the movie. In BAAHUBALI we can also see the beautiful and popular Star and actress Anushka, who although has a poor costume designer, she is totally appears like a slave with no powerful dialog where she was a queen for the kingdom.

Actually I got to IMDb while after i saw movie, in fact on IMDb Movie has no stunning photos. I was lucky to watch this movie in bigscreen. Some time i felt a beautiful body without soul and not only a gorgeous and talented actress but Ramyakrishna is also amazingly intelligent and very down-to-earth. We will definitely be seeing more of her work in the future...