3.5 Very Good

Badmaash Company

There are movies which are extraordinary and there are movies which are pathetic; and yet there are some other movies, which do not fall in any of the extreme categories. These movies are fun to watch, they connect the audience with their characters and plot. As these movies progress, the anticipation of something good stays alive. But once these movies are recalled after coming back from the theater, one feels it could’ve been better.
Badmaash Company, is one of such movies; it is entertaining, fun and keeps you engrossed with the plot and the characters. Honestly speaking, the movie turned out to be better than I expected. I was expecting a senseless rollercoaster ride from beginning to end, well it did take me high and low, but the bonus I received was the unexpected sensibility of the plot and its treatment.
The best thing about the film is its slick and fresh feel, especially in the first half. The characters are fun to be with and the camaraderie between these characters is charming. The pace and styling of the first half captures the viewer. I must say the conning episodes are well scripted and executed.
People might find the second half a bit boring and slow paced, but for me the emotional quotient worked. I liked the tender treatment given to the separation and the reunion of the friends. Yes it does drag along towards the end. I personally feel that the track Faqeera was not as such required, and the portions around this song could’ve been trimmed or refined on the editing table. But thankfully this feeling of being dragged along doesn’t last much longer and I like the last 10 or 15 minutes of character redemption. The scheme to overcome the business crisis, was again intelligently scripted and executed.
The gaining of loans with such ease in US was a bit hard to swallow though. I feel that the whole episode related to buying and re-selling of house shouldn’t have been there. As compared to the other conning ventures, this one appeared to be a bit amateurish.
The film shines with a few sparkling performances. Shahid is excellent. The initial 5 or 10 minutes do give an awkward feeling about his expressions, but after that he is in total charge. It’s a delight to watch him in a spirited performance on a solid script after three extremely weak movies.
Chang and Vir are brilliant. The chemistry shared by Shahid, Vir and Chang is the highlight of the movie in true sense. Both Chang and Vir justify their selection for these roles and they deliver beautifully. Anushka Sharma, though acts reasonably well, doesn’t seem rightly cast in this role. Her looks (facial) defy the cunningness and the boldness of her character. Her performance is not bad at all, but somehow its not as believable as that of her three friends in the film.
Anupam Kher is top notch in his short role. His scenes with Shahid are a pure delight to watch (though, they are extremely similar to his scenes with Ranbir in Wake up Sid).
Permeet Sethi makes a promising debut as a director as well as a story writer. He handles the subject in quite a mature manner. Music suits the mood of the film and cinematography is impressive.
Overall, Bedmaash Company is a film which can not be called anything exceptional, but neither can it be dumped as a below average fare. The company’s Badmashi has potential to work on the box office. Recommended to watch once (preferably with your friends).