1.5 Average

Bachna Ae Haseeno

The process of making movies are mere experiments.More like a cooking experiments,where the results are the dishes,the films.As we know some experiments succeed and some just don't.Like making a dish,action,comedy,sex,skin show,item songs,great music,tragedy are just examples of ingredients that film makers use in their experiments.The final product,their film either works or it simply doesn't.

Bachna Ae Haseeno is a film from Yashraj Films production house.The film boasts of a great casting consisting of sizzling and hot young actor and actress,Ranbir Kapoor,Bipasha Basu,Deepika Padukone and Minisha Lamba.An ingredient promising to make the film spicy and hot.Another attraction of the film is the story line.It is quite rare in bollywood where you find a hero romancing three different heroins.Not to forget beautiful locations as well as grand settings which are a custom in Yashraj films.So,does Haseena Ae Haseeno work?Does all the ingredient come together well?

Well,lets see.The film can divided to three love stories.

Story #1
Raj & Mahi(Minissha Lamba)

This love story intentionally reminds us of DIWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE.Most of the location of the story is the same as Diwale's location.The similarity does keep us entertained to some level although as ridiculous it may be.This story has a lot of fun in the beginning which sets the mood of the film.

The first part of the film,starts with a fun note but ends with despair and shock.Viewers are totally taken a back by the end of the love story.Minisha Lamba does seem quite awkard in the beginning but with her cuteness,she manages to leave her mark especially during the scene where she finds out that Raj was just playing her out,she just looks at him with despair.Her silence says it all.She was excellent.

The second part of the story is about Raj apologizing to her and makes her realize that her husband is waiting for her love and attention.Minisha is really good in this part as well,looking so gorgeous,she works her way into our hearts with the emotional scenes that come.Unfortunately,the writing was a letdown this time.Raj has a less than ten minutes talk with Mahi and within the next five minutes,in which a song appears,she forgives him and all her problems are all solved leaving a family happy.The treatment of the story comes across as unrealistic which reflects the immatured writing. Kunal Kapoor is perfect in playing a role as Mahi's husband though.

Story #2
Raj & Radhika(Bipasha Basu)

The first part of this love story has nothing much in the beginning as Raj falls for Radhika.The story surfaces when she wants to marry him which ends up in Raj leaving India on the day he was supposed to tie the knot with Radhika,leaving her heartbroken.Yet again the end of the first part of the story does make you sit up.

Well,the second part of the story turns out to be quite entertaining as Raj becomes Radhika's personal assitant in order to seek her forgiveness.The story is indeed ridiculous but somehow provide good humor to the desperate story line.Later Shreya reveals that she will never forgive for what he has done.This scene is handled well and not to forget written well.The story could have ended like that but like a typical Bollywood masala film.Shreya comes to the airport as heartbroken Raj was about to leave and forgives him.Just after that,she even hugs him.Such a disappointment,just when you thought bollywood writers have changed,they slap you on your face!Bipasha Basu does justice to her glamorous and so called strong character.

Raj& Gayathri(Deepika Padukone)

Considering that Ranbir and Deepika have a much publised offscreen relationship,one has high hopes on their love story on screen.Unfortunately,the third love story which was supposed to be the only successful one turns out to be a huge letdown.

Firstly,Deepika plays a role of a girl who is a cab driver and cashier to earn money for a living and her studies.An independent girl you may think.Deepika's apperance is down right ridiculous in the film where she wears clothes as fancy as a daughter of a richman or should I say a typical heroine's costume.As independent and determined as she is,she runs off with Raj for a holiday.Doesn't she has classes as we can see during the beginning of the song KHUDA JAANE?

The scene where Raj proposes and Gayathri rejects it,for a good reason though was well written.

It was the only good part in their story as the culmination of the story was seeemed rushed.Gayathri had a sudden change of mind and wants to get back with Raj.Another confused and weak bollywood chick!The end to what was supposed to be a sweet love story was unflaterring and halfbaked.The only thing that the viewers might remember from the ending might be that Ranbir kissed Deepika.Deepika looked gorgeous but that just it,her performance suffered due to a badly written role.

Ranbir Kapoor played the character Raj with ease.He seemed very confident throughout and this ensures him a long run in Bollywood.He proves to be a decent entertainer.A competent actor?Well for that we'll have to wait and see.

Overall,BACHNA AE HASEENO is a film with some good moments in it and the rest is filled with unflattering scenes due to an inconsistent script.