4 Very Good

Avengers: Age Of Ultron (English)

The humor, angst and drama are remarkable for a superhero film. In fact, most will consider them remarkable for any type of movie. I can't think of a weak moment in the film, as it is strong from beginning to end.

Anyone doubting that this entire cast (new and old) couldn't work well together or that characters would be cheated out of screen time need not worry. EVERYONE gets to shine. Downey as well as Evans are Oscar caliber good in this movie. (Setting up what has to be an amazing next installment in "Civil War") All the performances are straight to the point perfect. Hulk is again perfect in his CG transformation and Spader's Ultron uses his wonderful voice and mannerisms to perfection. Each new character is exquisitely cast and the old school guard has never been better. That includes RDJ as Tony Stark. We all loved what we've seen before from him and this evolution of Stark is even more intriguing. Elizabeth Olsen gives one of the best new character portrayals in recent years. People are going to want to see a LOT more of her Scarlet Witch in the future. Also, Jeremy Renner is finally given Hawkeye material worthy of his abilities and worthy of the character itself. He truly does steal more than one scene and has some of the best one-liners imaginable.

This easily fulfilled and the exceeded all of my expectations. I can't wait to see where they branch the Avengers team and concept from this point forward. There are so many great possibilities. This really is everything anyone would want in a movie. It delivers everything I had hoped to see and quite a bit that I didn't even think possible.