4.5 Excellent

Anjaana Anjaani

Fantastic film--a refreshing, fun-filled journey about two people caught in devastating times who decide to make the most out of their life. Priyanka is absolutely awesome and gives a flawless, effortless performance. Ranbir is also terrific. Rocking, fresh music. Love the soundtrack. The movie has repeat value. ANJAANA ANJAANI is an unpretentious romantic saga that revels in the exuberance of newly found love. The film has everything going for it: top notch performances by two super-stars, good music, a sensitive director with a good track record, a simple yet absorbing story and of course, terrific moments [emotional as well as humorous]. Don't miss this one! with AISHA, bollywood got its first official CHICK FLICK ..... here it goes..... now it got an official ROM-Com too.