4 Very Good

My above rating is 4 stars for this film however above there is a mistake of this website that it is showing.
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Rating - 4 stars.
special screening In Mumbai held for critics.
Animal is an exceptionally good film but has violence and domestic abuse some wrong scenes shown which are inappropriate however Animal has a lot of goosebump moments to which impress.
Now if I talk about violence, you must be wondering whether it's bad I would include by saying that it's okay, but lot of violence is present. A scene of shooting a pregnant woman too which is bad and hurts. For faint hearted people you can watch Animal there is a lot of in the film and which is going to create a blast among people. For the faint-hearted people, you can close your eyes when some extremely violent scenes come in the film. There is blood and violence, and each action scene is totally of 20 minutes.

I would call Animal the most violent film in India.

There are a lot of abuses too.

Issued an A (18 plus) certificate in UAE, India, Dubai and UK and rest countries too.

Songs are a thumbs up and are good full Punjabi.

Acting is really good Ranbir has impressed us in terms of acting. He really acted well including Anil Kapoor

If I consider emotions, then that's very good I really think that the action might not suit some people but for a film to have good emotions and songs and is very good.

There are interesting twist in the film and the plot is good.

Overall, it is enjoyable, but I would like to conclude by saying that the violence is there, and some scenes are terrible and has some scenes of threat and horror.
It has some scenes of course language some bad language.
Some scenes have a lot of Sex.
Some scenes have sexual violence and sexual threat.
Some scenes have dead bodies full of blood.
It has a duration of 3 hours and 21 minutes overall it is a good and enjoyable, but lot of violence sex and sexual stuff shown.

Faint hearted can also watch however some people might say it is tough for them I won't say no to that, but you can give it a try.