3.5 Very Good

Just to inform you we had special critic member screening conducted one happened yesterday for us another one will happen on 27th of November,2023 in Hyderabad.

Animal will deserve a rating of at least 3.5 stars from me will not include the action because did not like the action, but test is a tsunami.
Rating is mentioned above.
Animal is a film which introduces violence as its main element but has good songs, moderate emotions and a lot of goosebump moments to impress.

The film starts off with Ranbir's transformation from a child to a young adult to an adult. The basic concept shown is the love between a father and the son.
Ranbir shown as a child in the film was lovely and enjoyable. However, the bad time starts when the violence starts. The violence was too much that did not suit at all.
the emotions shown in Animal were mind blowing the song is good and emotional. Emotions really makes one cry in this film.
What was liked.
acting was good initially was boring but towards middle 2nd half was good Ranbir has acted well and very strong for his loving father completely impressed by his acting.

If story is talked about its okay type only before the interval one might think that what happened has the storyline dipped a bit. It was noticed about the dip of the story but at that time there was only action and action, and the blood was not good with some gore.
What was depressing and average.
action scenes full of blood.
A dip of good and worthy dialogues in the middle.
little bit of story dip too was noticed.

Otherwise, I would tell you that you can try it out. I would additionally say that Animal Hindi film is not for the faint hearted.

you need to be very used to those kind of super action films which are made and that too adults. Otherwise, songs are superb and amazing, and they really filled the heart with joy.

Before the special show Animal trailer was seen that also had violence but some good scenes too which has so many emotions and the songs are very good.

The only thing which was not good is the violence the full film had it. Some audience who see it on 1st December might find it disturbing otherwise it's okay. You will find lot of strong emotion which are good.

Initially Ranbir turns into a gangster with his group but then takes revenge from the person who shot Anil Kapoor who is Balbir Singh in Animal.

Additionally, Bobby Deol's is a lazy villain in the fil he is supposed to be even more strong. Little bit disappointed after Bobby role. In few areas is good but few areas he needs to improve.

Drama scenes - They were very average.

otherwise, it is all good. Just that too much of action.

Many songs are Punjabi and are good very good.

People who don't like action might not like the film so much because it is full of action the story is itself action.

Othervise okay film good.