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Bollywood has made many attempts to make that perfect horror film, one that will scare us to death but in spite of repeated attempts they have not been successful at it. Most of these films seem more funny and less of horror, but apparently that is all about to change with the release of Alone movie starring Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover.

Alone like you guys are already aware of is an adaption of Thai horror movie of the same name. The plot revolves around the conjoined twins played by Bipasha Basu. Anjana and Sanjana love each other very much and wish to share the same bond through out their life. But one day Kabir (Karan Singh Grover) enters their life, both the girls fall in love with him but Kabir falls in love with Sanjana. This makes Anjana jealous, when Kabir is leaving town and tries to big good bye to Sanjana, her conjoined twin does not leave her. Sanjana gets upset and demands to be separated from her sister but during the surgery, Anjana dies. The story then pans to the present time when Sanjana and Kabir are together and they happen to return to India as Sanjana's mother has a stroke. When they come there, Kabir gets to know about Anjana's room being locked, which contains all her toys and memories and possible her as well.

Bhushan Patel has directed two horror films in the past and some where the technique of direction does remind you of his old films. The horror effects are pretty good for a Hindi movie and the special effects too manage to scare you a little bit. Songs have no special ring to it, they are monotonous and have the leading couple romance in different ways possible.

Karan has acting experience owing to his television serials but he lacks in his overall performance in the movie. Bipasha Basu is the true horror queen but somewhere her acting too reminds you of the other horror movies she has done in the past. Rest of the characters don't have as much significance as these two leading actors but nevertheless they have given good performances.

If you are a horror movie freak, Alone may be dull for you! Else, it can make up for a decent weekend watch that'll probably make you laugh more and scare less.