4 Very Good

"Andaz Apna Apna", "Hera Pheri (Akshay, Sunil, Paresh), "No Entry), "Dhamaal" and "Dostana" have been my favorite Bollywood Comedies. These are the movies which still make me smile when i think of them. and now i can confidently add "ALL THE BEST" in this list. The experience of watching this movie was as entertaining as it can get. When the movie ended...by that time, my jaw had started aching and my abdomen muscles thoroughly excercised by falling in tantrums of laughter even when i didn't want to. Such was the timing and spontanity of situational humor in this film.

there are so many scenes which simply blow the house with people just wiping th tears of laughter.

its a fact that the first 40 mminutes or so are quite boring, but once Sunja Dutt enters the scene, there is no stopping for this madly funny and yet decent experience. Thankfully, after quite a long time, we have a comedy which makes us laugh and enjoy without being embarassed or hesitant because our family members were sitting with us. it was clean, apontaneaous and extremely funny.

Sunjay Dutt is extremely adorable in his portrayal of badey bahyya. his immaculate timing and goofy expressions are spot-on. it is such a pleasent change to watch him enjoying his role after such a long time. this is his most enjoyable performance after Munna Bhai MBBS.

Ajay Devgan is brilliant. this is one actor who has never let us down. his comedy timing and dialogue delivery and expressions are just perfect (even better than Golmaal and Golmaan Returns). The quick change of expressions in the "Sleep Walking" is a living proof of his immaculate talent and ability to make the viewers enjoy.

Fardeen Khan can simply not act...this is a fact that is being proved again and again by him. the amount of movies he has acted in whould've made him imrpove his gestures and expressions. but what we get here is exactly the same artificial expressions which he displayed in "Khushi" and "No Entry". He should be thankful for the trend of multi-starrer comedies being admired by the audience.

Bipasha and Mughda are decent in their display of short roles, where they didn't have much to prove.

Apart from Sunjay and Ajay, there are two other actors who conbtribut brilliantly in the overall effect of this film. Johny Lever and Sanjay Mishra. It is such a welcome come-back for Johny Lever...his expressions have always been spot-on, but this time he bypasses his earlier performances. especially the scene before climax, where he regains his voice. he is tooooooooooooo funny.

Sunjay Mishra's role is hilarious and he pitches in such a distinguishable performance. everything from his dressing, to his accent, to his "JUST CHILL" is sinfully funny.

Rohit Shetty has done a marvelous job over here. he knew that all people were expecting from this film was to be entertained, and he made sure that they do get entertained. this is his best comic outing yet. the screenplay and dialogues are a complete winner.

The songs were just OK...and were a bit annoying at times. but then this was expected to happen.

overall, ATB is one of the most entertaining comedies to come from Bollywood in recent years and there shouldn't be any excuse of not watching this film. GO FOR IT