3 Good

The movie had so many correct elements and subplots that could have made it a good army thriller but they were not linkable enough to make it a story worth watching for in cinema halls.Neeraj Pandey , the go-to director for spy fims tried to make his own version of James Bond with a little bit of Jason Bourne and a lot of military and cyber crime jargons feels like watching but fails due to unsatisfied ending.This movie has unnecessary characters like Mukesh of Armour Inc, has wasted many talents like of Anupam Kher,Naseruddin Shah,and also of lead actors like Manoj Bajpayee.There were no hand to hand combats.The movie Baby was so much better written and screenplay was awesome,but not this one.Though Aiyaary has more beautiful set pieces and location shootings,this is one of worst Neeraj Pandey movies ever.Hope , he will come with a bang.Still waiting for Special 26 part 2.