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Aisa Yeh Jahaan Music Review



At the very onset, one doesn't carry any expectations whatsoever from the music of Aisa Yeh Jahaan. Since the film has its core theme on environmental preservation with human emotions thrown in as well, one expects an offbeat soundtrack here. However, with the credits reading Dr. Palash Sen (Euphoria) as the composer, there is some expectation build up for sure. An ensemble of Dr. Palash Sen, Deekshant Sehrawat and Dahlia Sen-Oberoi come together for the lyrics


From the very title, 'Sautela Sheher' comes across as a serious song in the offering with pathos filled tone to it. Surprisingly though, it turns out to be a reasonably pleasant tune, with Dr. Palash Sen's vocals being heard after a really long time, and making an instant impression. He has a good powerful voice and makes good use of it with this song that is written by him and Deekshant. Yes, the theme here is serious but the manner in which Sen puts it all together is good as he never lets boredom sets in. Also, he is supported well by Kamakshi Khanna and Abid Khan Langa who lend good weight to the song.

It is time for some folk flavor with the sound of flute kick-starting the proceedings in 'Haiyya Ho'. The man roped in for the job is Suneet Bora who also writes Assamese words for this song that has lyrics by Dr. Palash Sen. Suneet has a very pleasing voice and one can almost visualize him with a smile on his face while he sings this one. A beautiful number that can be comfortably given many more repeat hearing, 'Haiyya Ho' instantly takes you to the hills.

Since this is not a conventional soundtrack, one is ready to be surprised with every song that follows. From folk, it is time to hear a 'Lori (Nanhi Munni Chidiya)' . Now this one is actually more of a nursery rhyme than a lullaby and while Deekshant and Sen go about putting together words that appeal to children, as a composition it doesn't really have a restricted market just for the kids and comes across as rather sweet for adults as well. Good credit for that must go to Indian Idol Junior winner Anjana Padmanabhan who has a very sweet voice and does complete justice to this one.

From here, the mood shifts to rock with Naresh Kamath brought on board for the title song 'Aisa Yeh Jahan'. One has to acknowledge Sen for resisting the temptation of bringing himself behind the mike and instead letting Kamath take the honors. He is absolutely fantastic in this song where the message around environment preservation is conveyed loud and clear and that too in not a preachy way at all. It is almost like being at a concert while the song is played and the coming together of Kezleen Kholie on the scene impresses as well with rapper Aashish Ddavidd doing his bit. A good inclusion in the album.

Sen does return on the scene as a singer with 'Hey Ya' and he is absolutely delightful as a composer, singer as well as lyricist (with Dahlia Sen-Oberoi joining as well). A song set in the rains, it is indeed vintage Euphoria stuff in the offering and if you have been a fan of Dr. Palash Sen over the years, it would be sacrilege to miss this one. A beautiful number, its core lies in being happy and appreciating the goodness that nature has to offer. Do hear this one.

As for a mandatory party number which is expected in every soundtrack today, even an offbeat Aisa Yeh Jahaan can't resist the temptation, what with We Go Party (Everyday) coming on the scene. Thankfully, it is not a pushover song in the offering as lyricist Dahlia Sen-Oberoi (with Dr. Palash Sen not just writing but also doing the rap pretty impressively) does well to spin around words that make for a foot tapping outing. Ok, so the number doesn't really go and hit the roof but at least for its playing time of four minutes, singer Abhilasha Sinha does manage to engage you with support from Kinshuk Sen and DJ Bhaduri.


Aisa Yeh Jahaan springs a pleasant surprise with every song adding some value to the soundtrack. Though lack of awareness is a major hindrance for the commercial prospects of the album, as an ensemble of six entirely different songs, it does leave an impression.


'Hey Ya', 'Haiyya Ho', 'Aisa Yeh Jahaan'

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