5 Excellent


My #AGNEEPATH review

Well many people would have reached the hall with comparison in their mind with BigB and Duggu but when they come out they will be in a Dilema that what did they just witnessed! Its Power Power and Power in each and every scene.

The Movie starts with Mstr Dinanath Chauhan and Vijay(Childhood) The Recitaion of the famous Agneepath lines are so well done.. It starts of with a Punch . Sanjay Dutts entrance scene was Mindblowing he looks as a Hell rider! The first dialogue of sanju baba takes the audience in grip. Then comes the death scene of Dinanath chauhan a well scripted and well presented one. No one would have imagined the deaths of master in such a way..

After this the movie takes a tue=rn and show the growth of a Angry young boy to an Angry man Vijay Dinanath Chauhan.. All will admit the Child Actor Playing Vijay's Childhood did a Mindblowing job!

The film moves on a simple note from Vijays father "Taqaat ka istamal sahi samay pe karna chahiye" Vijay adapts to the situations of Mumbai from Mandwa and started paving his way to seek revenge from Kancha and gain back Mandwa..


Hrithik Roshan as VDC: He just over powers ever scene of his. Superb acting skills!

Sanjay Dutt as Kancha: Menacing as ever never scene a Villian like this!

Priyanka Choprta as Kali: Refreshing Bubly makes u cry in the second half

Rishi Kapoor as Rauf lala: Will surely fetch the Best Actor in a Neg role! Superb Superb!

Music: As we all know Chartbusters are here in the album.

Best Scenes: You wont find a single scene as dull! All are Power packed Action packed.. The Murder scenes are superbly picturised. But the scenes to watch for if u are a Hrithik fan is when he says that Super hit Dialogue " Naam VIJAY DINANATH CHAUHAN, Baap ka Naam MASTER DINANATH CHAUHAN, Gaon MANDWA" Then the Climax Scene When he kills Kancha Superb!!

Suggestion:- This is Movie is complete Paisa Wasool! Go for it its worth watching The actors have given the best they have

Rating: Cant Rate it on my Scale.. Mind Blowing movie!