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Aggar Music Review


Bas Ek Pal, Anwar, The Train - one doesn't expect anything but the best from Mithoon and Sayeed Quadri once their names appear on the

credits of Anant Mahadevan directed Aggar. And why not? After all, the duo has given at least half a dozen chartbuster tracks already with a

promise of a lot more to come in months to follow. With Bajaj brothers [Narendra and Shyam] as producers who have a good track record when it

comes to music of their films, there are good expectations from Aggar. Well, the album is fine though one was expecting a little more than

what one gets in the end.

Add on some Arabic flavor to the proceedings, pep it up with 'bhangra' arrangements, cook it with western arrangements and lo - a dance floor

club mix song is ready to be served. Crooned by Canada based male singers Rup and Qurram (Q), the song is about living each and every

moment of the life and making sure that you have the one you love most for company.

A foot tapping number that has 'dhol' beats accompanying the tune throughout, it turns out to be a step forward for Mithoon who otherwise has

been known most for composing songs with 'sufi flavor. The 'remix version' comes towards the album's end and instantly gets to rock the club

house setting. This one will surely make it to the promotional music videos circuit!

Mithoon, who sung two beautiful tracks in The Train - 'Woh Ajnabee' and 'Mausam' - is back behind the mike with 'Ke Bin

Tere'. The number has a trademark Mithoon stamp all over it as it follows the same mood that has placed the composer where he is today. If

you have liked 'Tere Bin' [Bas Ek Pal], 'Maula Mere' [Anwar] and 'Mausam' [The Train], then you would certainly like 'Ke Bin

Tere' as well.

The arrangements are just perfect for this song that has Hamza and Kshitij contributing with vocals. What also deserves a special mention are

Sayeed Quadri's lyrics which follow a route different from the ordinary and bring an altogether new expression of love. Each and every line has a

story to tell in the song which makes it a cut above the ordinary. Same holds good for the 'remix version' which unlike dozen-a-week remixes

follows a different route and brings on an entirely different sound.

Mithoon's enchant for bringing a different feel to each of his songs continues with the title song 'Aggar' turning out to be a unique

experience in itself. Sung in an almost breathless manner by Hamza, yet another Mithoon protegee, the song is fast paced and follows a cry of

passion. Tulsi Kumar, who has mainly been heard in songs composed by Himesh Reshammiya, makes a brief appearance in the song as well.

The song is heavy on beats, as required for its setting. The number should at least make you glued to the screens when it is played. Expect a

hot-n-sizzling choreography for this song which should find its way on the small screen just when the film's release is round the corner.

As one hears Sharmishtha's voice coming from quite a distance, one gets a feeling that 'Paas Aaya Kyon' is a lounge track in the offering.

The track is paced quite slowly and though Mithoon returns behind the mike to croon yet another track, one diverts attention towards

Sharmishtha who brings an ice-chill feel to her voice and adds on to the haunting feel of the song. 'Paas Aaya Kyon' has a sad undertone

to it and though it comes easy on ears, it isn't the kind which is instantly catchy to elevate to a chartbuster status. Instead it grows on you over

repeated hearings

Roop Kumar Rathod, whose name is associated with quality songs, brings Aggar to an end with 'Sehra' which has Shilpa Rao as a

backup vocalist. Out of all the tracks heard in the album so far, this one is easily the best orchestrated with a soothing appeal to it. The

instruments playing in the background are just right for the situation as they come together to that create a beautiful feeling of love. The song

has a classy feel to it and would be lapped up by the lovers of 'ghazals' and quality music.

Though Aggar doesn't have one single track which could be marked as THE song of the album, it has a fine assortment of numbers

belonging to different genres which makes it a decent listening experience. Though 'Ke Bin Tere' is easily the best of the enterprise,

'Sehra' follows closely. In the meanwhile 'Nachle' should make sure that there is something to cheer and dance about.

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