1.5 Average

Aashiq Banaya Aapne

Aashiq Banaya Apne is one of the Worst Bollywood scripts ever seen. The movie was expected to be a Hit, because the Music was terrific and most Bollywood listeners were hearing this. The music stormed the charts and made Himmesh Popular. The same cannot be said about the film, with a complete lousy storyline. Thats right, another love triangle witness a million times in Bollywood. This time, one of the Actors Emran Hashmi has a negative attitude to life. He is involved in selling drugs, beating up women and having a rude attitude with people. But, the Actress Tanushree Dutta who is suppose to be a decent and soft person falls for him. She even sleeps with him to prove that she loves him, in a bad setting but good sex scene. The twist is a complete garbage that does not make any sense. Emran has given us one good performance in his debut movie Footpath. After that he has made the most boring movies ever till date. Sonu Sood is another lead actor, who looks bored and makes the film boring. Introducing the Ex Model and very sexy Tanushree, in a poor movie with a below average performance. She may do good in the future, but her first two movies, This and Chocolate sucked. The good thing is the music and her otherwise a big disappointment