0.5 Poor

Aakhri Raasta

Aakhree Raasta is a basic story about revenge. 25 years After being released from prison for the Rape of his wife that he did not commit. Amitabh goes on a quest of Revenge on the three men responsible. Stopping him from these murders and threats are his very own son. His son also played by Amitabh Bachchan is not aware that this man who has threatened to kill these 3 mens is actually his father. This is an enjoyable Police action drama. The older Amitabh delivers a very powerful performance as the emotionally angry old man, hungry for revenge. The movie also Stars the very Talented Sri devi, who was the Top actress at the time. The films weakness would be some of the unnecessary flashbacks and slow pacing. The movie is almost 3 hours long and could do with a lot of editing. The movie still succeeds in entertaining. Just Another Amitabh Classic not to be missed.