4.5 Excellent

8×10 Tasveer

Nagesh is a brilliant director who has crafted the best movies. Akshay kumar is unsurpassable in his acting abilities and I love him to the core. NO one in Bollywood can do the action sequences that he does. After Chandni Chowk -(i loved it) he has shown once again his brilliance in action ....the jump from the cliff literary had me screaming and nearly fell off my seat....no akki! I was too enthralled by his performance. Somehow im disheartened by the medi's take on akki's movies lately.... I feel someone is out to sabotage his career by leaking information earlier or giving bad comments about his movies so as to discourage the audiences from supporting his movies. Recently a magazine reported that SRK was actually writing comments about akkis movies so that they don't do well. Dunno how far it is true but it does make me wonder? doesn't it....when salman's superb movie kyon ki is sidelined and always SRK's movies are give undeserved attention...like the dumbest rab ne banadi jodi. Even Chandni chowk was criticised but when i watched the movie i loved it... akshay has given a commendable performance and shouldn't be disheartened by foolish and baseless comments by Shekhar suman... what does shekhar the wooden man of his times know about acting....he should learn to zip his mouth and use comments productively rather than sabotaging someone's career.