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7 Welcome To London

I have to say I wasn't looking forward to going to watch this film, but thought as it was a British born artist we should all support!!! How wrong could I have been.

Seriously don't waste your time and energy on going to watch this low budget movie. The acting is appalling, if you can call it acting. The songs are OK but the videoes are shocking. The same clip is shown repeatedly over and over again.

The lead Asad only has a few limited facial expressions. He wears way too much makeup and can't speak Hindi properly and is meant to be a Sikh from Delhi? How does that work?! There were so many moments when I cringed with embarassment on his behalf. To put this in perspective there were 4 people in the cinema to watch this film including my friend and I! I have never been in an empty cinema hall before...

The friend in the film Goldie is actually the best actor in the film!!

The film is way TOO LONG and way TOO SLOW. There is no real storyline or plot, it really is an awful film.

I would probably think only Asad and his co-stars or family would have rated this any higher than a 1 as no one who knows anything about films and enjoys a night out to the cinema would have a good word to say about this amateur film.