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It is surprising to see a music album being released for 404. After all it is a known fact that this is a song-less film. Yes, there has been a promotional track or a song playing in the background for the promos but within the film there is no place for music. With no expectations whatsoever, one reluctantly plays on 404 that has music by Sameeruddin and lyrics by Imaad Shah.


First to come is a soft rock track 'Kya Dekh Raha Hai' which pretty much sets expectations about what would follow in the rest of the album. Reason being that in an attempt to be cool yet rustic, it just doesn't fly hence turning out to be really uninspiring. Sung by Suman Sridhar, it is akin to college students jamming up to create something unique. Agreed that perhaps it was the intent as well (i.e. to showcase a jamming in progress) but that doesn't quite make for an audio friendly outing. Surprisingly the song also appears in one more version, this time with Imaad Shah as the lead vocalist.

From this point on it is Imaad Shah who takes over as the singer for most of the songs with 'Aisa Hi Hai' arriving next. Sung in low pitch, this one tries to take a realistic route courtesy it's lyrics but the final outcome is less than satisfactory. Again, the intent is to create the kind of number which makes for a quintessential bonfire outing but what one gets to see just doesn't manage to hold your attention.

Imaad Shah continues to hold all the limelight with 'Psycho Baba' which follows next. Not just is the title of the song weird here, it also seems strange that it has been placed in the album here because it has absolutely nothing to do with the film. It tries to be all funny and but it can be pretty much said that the song may have worked only in the close circles of the musical team here, not outside that.

Rachel Varghese is the guest singer and lyricist for 'All In The Mind'. A theme track which is also the lengthiest of the lot (at over 4 minutes), it has a 100 second prelude to it before Rachel comes behind the mike. An English number that has Rachel singing in a low pitch, it sounds like a 80s style disco outing, what with the arrangements straight out of the world which was once ruled by Biddu. Nope, this one is happening either.

With no hopes whatsoever, one plays on the last track in the album, 'Chal Soch Le'. With a rustic touch to it and carrying the kind of sound one associates with music coming from the house of Euphoria, 'Chal Soch Le' is at least tolerable. Though it is tough to make head or tale about the song before listening to it carefully for at least a couple of times, it still manages to at least allow you to stay on till it's end due to it's reasonably lively rhythm. Last to arrive is the '404 - Theme' which is expectedly haunting and promises the film to be an intriguing affair.


The music of 404 doesn't work. Handicapped by the fact that there is no place for music in the film, it barely manages to put together 4-5 tracks that could have helped create some visibility around it. However the end result is far from being satisfactory.


Chal Soch Le

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