Characters: Anshul Sharma: Rohit Bakhshi 26, Anshul is a boy every girl would love to get married to. He is an epitome of sincerity, honesty, loyalty and security. Handsome, eligible (but taken), polite and well educated. Anshul's honesty comes from the teachings of him parents. He is also someone who


Anshul Sharma: Rohit Bakhshi

26, Anshul is a boy every girl would love to get married to. He is an epitome of sincerity, honesty, loyalty and security. Handsome, eligible (but taken), polite and well educated. Anshul's honesty comes from the teachings of him parents. He is also someone who will never take any sort of corruption. To him, staying quiet, or bearing pain caused by others, is as big a crime.

Anshul is in love with Preeti, daughter of an MP with a criminal past. Preeti is nothing like the image of her family members. Her beauty runs deep to her soul. And that caught Anshul. Both came close with time and want to get married against opposition from Preeti's family.

Anshul 's maturity made them decide that they would take marital vows only when both families oblige and accept the decision. As he says, 'for a relation that lasts a few years we can't hurt relations that have been there forever'. Anshul is a peace loving being but at the same time believes in fighting for justice.

It's Anshul's other worldly appeal that attracts everyone towards him. That lovable smile on his face that can make one forget stress. The positive vibe that make one spring with joy. Anshul is what most of us want to be.

Preeti Thakur: Ragne Nandwani

25. A princess. Charming, sweet, little spoilt, well taken care of; Preeti has always looked at the world through rainbow colored glasses. To her, comfort and luxury come without asking for. Born to a rich and affluent political family in Dehradun Preeti doesn't really need any change in her life. It's all perfect.

Perfect, until she met Anshul. At the graduation college both became friends. Anshul showed her the world, the real world. The world that strives for happiness, for simple pleasures. Preeti's perspective at life changes and she enjoys Anshul's company. So much so that her decisions become dependent on Anshul's advise., Preeti realizes that her family's riches are all earned from a series of corrupt and criminal activities and she does want to give up on it all. But then, there's nowhere to go., Her child like innocence, purity draws Anshul towards her. And Anshul's traits attract her. Friendship blossoms into love. And they decide to get married but preeti's family is not in favor of the liaison. Threats are issued to Anshul. He doesn't get bogged down but decides to marry Preeti only her family approves the relation.

Preeti's life was about to change. A simple, innocent girl was about to face a cruel test. A test to stand for her love or stand for the family. To choose between a life without Anshul or a life with severe guilt.

Preeti's story is about the trial of a young woman's character, a sad story since it ends at loss and defeat however, no matter what she choices she makes.

Aakash Sharma: Adhyayan Suman

Aakash Sharma 23 , younger brother of Anshul Sharma ,Aakash is very close to his elder brother ,he shares each and every thing with him, for Aakash , Anshul plays a role of philosopher,guide and above all a buddy.he is the one who sacrifices his life to get the justice for his brother against all odds .

Mrs. Nilima Sharma: Rati Agnihotri

A mother has absolutely nothing to live for once she looses her child, a child that she held close to her body, a child whose shirt she touched when he isn't present.

At 55, Mrs. Sharma is a principal at a Government college. A disciplinarian, kind hearted, helpful woman. She has always inculcated middle class values in her sons.

Strong willed, hard working, Mrs. Sharma is a woman of substance. She lets her children walk the path of their choice, learn from their mistakes yet be available when needed. In her absence also she can gauge what's going on with her sons. A mother, after all. Mrs. Sharma is more of friend to her sons Anshul and Aakash. She has a very rational approach towards life. It's her presence that makes this house buzzing with joy. It's her and Anshul's voice that keeps echoing all the while and gives their house rocking energy.

A firm believer in education and fight against corruption she was never aware that one day she might have to fight it all for her own self.

Because...A mother has absolutely nothing to live for once she looses her child, except to fight for justice. Fight it for years at a stretch. Fight, till she redeems her loss.

Mr. Sharma: Manuj Bhaskar

A Retired IAS officer ,always believes in simple living and high thinking ,throughout his career has been miles away from corruption ,controversies ,being retired from such a high position he never demanded bribe as his principals didn't allowed ,after the shocker news of Anshul his perspective towards life changes .

Vishesh Thakur: Vishal Bhonsle

When you are a history-sheeter, young, have power, you tend to carve your own destiny. And most of the times, change destinies around you.Vishesh is a 29 year old son of don politician Sadgun Yadav. He is aggressive, angry, impatient, impulsive and literate only of the surface. For you can take a criminal out of crime but you can't take crime out of criminal.Having been acquitted in a murder case at a younger age of 24, Vishesh's aggression took a new high. Being supported and encouraged by his father, Vishesh runs a justice system in his own hands. With political dreams that run in his blood, Vishesh already feels like he runs the constituency. Power hungry, ego centric, impolite, Vishesh does what he wants, when he wants.vishesh is detached human, he doesn't love anyone other than himself.

Sadgun Thakur: Kunwar Aziz

A corrupted politician Sadgun thakur is a MP, Father of Preeti Thakur and vishesh thakur . Sadgun has a strong hold in politics. He is the one who encourages and supports the crime done by his son, MP Sadgun Thakur forces his daughter Preeti to go to London when Preeti steps in as first witness against his brother vishesh thakur .Sadgun also threatens all the witnesses to turn hostile.

Mrs. Thakur: Neelima Azim

Wife of sadgun thakur , Mother of preeti and vishesh thakur , she is the person who only follows his husband and never ever stands against him, she has a dream to be a future MP for that she even emotionally and calmly threatens and confuses her own daughter to take his brother side .


In the era of large scale corruption, where everyone seated on a chair that holds power is lying neck deep in corruption, exist unlikely heroes. Ordinary people who put up an extraordinary fight. People who become epitome of 'standing for your rights'.

Preeti, a free spirited daughter of Sadgun Thakur , is in love with Anshul, son of an IAS officer. Their match isn't acceptable to Preeti's family and in a fit of rage Preeti's brother kills Anshul for his family. And this is where the story begins.

Having lost their young son, the parents of Anshul, Mr and Mrs Sharma are there on confronted by the corrupt system. They can't match steps with Thakur's political powers and ways to shield his son. However, encouraged and supported by Anshul's younger brother Akash, the old couple makes a resolve- to fight, fight till they get justice.

The film is the journey of the mother who has lost the child she once held in her hands and dreamt of an old age holding his hands.

It's the journey of a brother who could have focused on his career, his future, yet decides to give it all up so that never again a brother loses his 'bhai' to an act of rage.

It's also the journey of a soulmate who loses herself after the loss so much so that she takes any path she is guided to. Even turns supportive of her own brother when faced with legality but at the end the unadulterated power of love brings her to the threshold and she stands for the right.

Dehraadun Diary is a much needed film about the strength in common man, the fury that loss lends you and fearlessness that come only with unconditional love.

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