4.5 Excellent

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The Movie teaches us that Life is beautiful and you should live it by your own rule than following any others. It is light hearted, funny but not slapstick and melodramatic. There is a subtly in the story which touches you. The whole message of the story is said brilliantly without being preachy. Specially thjose beautifully written poems by Javed akhtar .
When 3 boys were having fun, ther will be times when you also would want to be part of it. Like the skydiving scene or the underwater scene after which the character played by Hrithik roshan realizes about life are so exciting. There are many more funny scenes specially the “Imitation of doordarshan” ,or Imraan (Character played by farhan) trying to impress Laila(Katrina kaif).
Dialogues are funny and most importantly not bollywoodish , they are more conversational. Cinematography is brilliant Spain is shown as a character in the movie than just an outdoors. Though the movie is too long but the impact is great.
One of the major reason ZNMD worked for me is acting. I LIKE Farhan the most. Abhay was decent, but Hrithik Roshan has no major role to play. This is for the first time I liked Katrina kaif in a movie.
Music is part of the movie it is not forced. Specially Senorita and “Khabon ke Parindey” are great numbers.
I would recommend you guys to watch this movie with your close buddies and enjoy life.