3 Good

Cast - Shreyas Talpade, Amrita Rao.
Director - Shyam Benegal.
Rating - ***
Review - Mahadev (Shreyas Talpade) is one of the few educated young men from Sajjanpur. His ambition is to be a novelist but finds it easier to make a living by writing letters sitting next to the post office. His ability to write persuasive letters makes him popular with the largely non-literate population of the town. Aware of this power, he soon uses his talent to manipulate people with amusing and sometimes not such amusing results. So here is something surprising & refreshing village comedy. Okay, the movie sometimes gets derailed, but the characters of the movie are very refreshing. It is so good to see a village life on-screen & that too in a humorous way. Specially the character of Mahadev, played by Talpade. He is a fine actor, we have seen his talent already in "Iqbal" & yes, he makes you laugh when he is there on-screen. Amrita Rao does her part extremely well & the rest of the others were fine. There are many colorful characters in the movie & watching them is is a delight. Yes, sometimes in the movie, the characters are frustrating as well & also the movie has some cheap stuffs too, but still the movie has it's charm. Director Shyam Benegal's direction is very impressive & he tries to give us something very fresh. And he even manages the movie very well. The barriers of the movie were the songs. Specially, two songs in the second half creates frustration among the viewers' mind. The other two songs are fine. Something very different, fresh stuff & some light gags. Good for the ones who are willing to watch something new.
Mania!Meter - 62.5%