1.5 Average

Welcome Back

A 8 year gap and finally, after running into much of financial disputes and elongated shooting schedules, the sequel to the year 2007 surprise blockbuster 'Welcome' hits the cinemas. Most of the characters reprising their role, the films adds the hunk John Abraham and the gorgeous Shruti Haasan. Does this film, having an ensemble cast, with its unique genre tickle your ribs, fulfilling the expectations? Find out ahead.

Cars and palaces of your dreams, locations with scenic beauty and grand sets put on the show. 'Welcome Back' comprises of all, but not the heart and soul required to complete this magnanimous venture. Anees Bazmee returns to the director's seat to present us with a half baked story, lacking the essential element of humour and madness.

Uday Shetty(Nana Patekar) and Majnu Pandey(Anil Kapoor) are no more the bad guys dealing in guns and violence. Leading a peaceful life as rich businessmen, their lives come down to the same path when introduced to their stepsister, Ranjana(Shruti Haasan). Events lead Ranjana falling for the fierce bone smashing don, Ajju(John Abraham), who happens to be the stepson of Dr. Ghunghroo(Paresh Rawal). Wanting a groom, for their sister, who is honest, simple and of a 'decent' background, what turn does their life take? Confronting a man having traits of their past, do the wedding bells ring? And do the 'bhais' get themselves a bride? The mix-up, confusion and the drag to a clichéd climax fills the 155 minutes long run time.

The director relies heavily on a baseless script running haplessly, without much of the foundation building of new characters. Lousy editing and the seemingly scattered screenplay add to the loose binding of the flick. Even the VFX displayed are stodgy and seem like a work of a puerile artist. Though having all these defects the film scores well in terms of capturing the exotic locations and the luxurious interiors of buildings in Dubai.

The music, given by Adesh Shrivastava, fails to create any eagerness in you to listen to it. Except for the replay of the original's theme(drums and trumpets), no more has been composed. Songs and its choreography are pathetic, although they have the grand sets full of chandeliers, but are wearisome to hear. The antakshari played by the characters in one scene, at the graveyard, seems more meaningful and enjoyable than the songs infused in the reel.

The trio, Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor and Paresh Rawal, provide all the laughs of the film; making one want for more, which never happens. The trio act in the skin of the character pretty well. John Abraham never fills up the space of Akshay Kumar. By his bulked up body on display and the couple of fight sequences, the humour element goes missing from him. Shruti Haasan and debutant Ankita Shrivastava add glamour to the chaos by the skin show and beautiful outfits. Dimple Kapadia(as mother of the debutant) and Naseeruddin Shah(as the wanted bhai) are wasted in their ill scripted roles. Forgotten face, Shiney Ahuja(as the son of wanted bhai), really needs to dissappear after this act of his, overly done by him!

Presenting the same story from a different angle, taking advantage from the original, never helps this sequel. The only moments of laughter come at very long intervals, that too from the same characters. The pair of Uday and Majnu save 'Welcome Back' from being a complete disaster by their genuine efforts.

Some scenes from the original shown in this sequel garner more applause and laughs than those from the whole movie, such is the comparison of the two.

Better be at home and enjoy 'Welcome' on a dvd, rather spending money on this debacle.

Rating: 1.5/5