4.5 Excellent


Salman Khan is a name which has been a phenomenon ever since "Mein ney Pyar Kiya". His career has seen so many ups and downs on the boxoffice. But irrespective of the number of flops, he has always been alive among the hearts of his fans. He has shown that he is a true fighter by re-emerging and surprising the movie-world whenever people had started doubting that he has any fuel left in him.

He has been doing it since the begining...and with "Wanted", he does it again. He doesn't only shows how much fuel he has, but in fact sets the cinema hall on fire with his piercing eyes, rock-solid physique and determined expressions.

Not once do you see a glimpse of a lesser actor. "Wanted" can confidentltly be counted in one of his best performances ever. He is the prime force to make this film what it is. He has given some solid performances in the past as well (eg. Tere Naam, Hum Dil De Chuke...etc.), but never has he looked so fierce; so professional and so determined to shut his critics up. He is the Body and Soul of this movie.

If there was nothing good except for Salman's performance in the film, it would've been good enough a reason to make the film likable. But luckily, there are a few other factors which push the graph of the film a bit higher. The direction by PrabhuDeva is top-notch, the editing is crisp, cinematography is superb and the perfomrances by a few others deserve praise.

among these few others, the best is Prakash Raj in the role of Ghani Bhayee. His charecter is unpradictable and spontaneous and he plays it with perfection. Mahesh Manjrekar follows with his brilliant portrayal of a perverted police officer; he really makes you hate him. Then comes the performance of Ayesha Takia, who makes her presence seriously felt in a film which is meant for the male lead.

The next winner are the dialogues, especially those uttered by Salman Khan and Prakash Raj.

The only negative factor is the quantity and quality of the songs. How much does one wish that this magnificient film had a better soundtrack (something which further boosted the graph of action flicks such as Om Shanti Om and Ghajini). But the tunes by Sajid-Wajid are way below the mark for a project of such magnitude. Also one wishes that at least 2 or 3 songs were deleted as they are annoying and disturb the smooth flow of the narative.

Except for this problem, "Wanted" is a very very strong statement by everyone invlolved. All cheers to Bonny Kapoor, Prabhu Deva and Salman Khan for giving us such an entertaining experience.

A full "Paisa-Wasool" material. A must watch.