5 Excellent


review of vivaah
Amrita has done the impossible.

With one performance she has staked her claim as the best actress of the country.
Rani, Priety, Ash ... they all are left so far behind that it doesnt matter anymore.

Why such superlatives? Simply because sometimes a performace is good, sometimes its brilliant, but Amrita's performance in Vivah is flawless.
There isnt a single fault in her expression, her dialogue dilevery or her body language.
The expericence of witnessing something so sublime is difficult to put into words.
You fall in love with her, the way she blushes, the way she coyly smiles and lowers her eyelashes, and also the way tears well up in her eyes as she fights to keep them in.
When she says "Jal" for water it feels so natural that you wonder why you have been calling it "Paani" all along.
The simple fact is that Amrita didnt play Poonam's character.
Poonam is Amrita. She may be modest enough to give the entire credit to Mr. Sooraj Barjatya but the truth is that Amrita has more than justified Sooraj ji's faith in her.
He threw her a huge challange. And she takes it up and soars.

not only amrita was great but shahid has also given breakthrogh performance and no need to mention about soraj barjatya's skill the film was fabulous.. its a must watch for people who believe love and relationships as sacred