3 Good

The Shaukeens

There is nothing new in the name of story or idea. Screenplay is pushy and routine. Dialogues are fairly good. Story, screenplay and dialogues are by Tigmanshu Dhuliya. Plot is clearly lifted from old SHAUKEEN but still how they can solo claim about story, I am unable to understand. First half is very slow. Second half saves a bit. One side you try to strict yourself for exploring the possibility of naughty side of subject but then expose the lead lady in bikini!!! This is contradiction in makers vision. Satire on industry is very subtle, as that Bengali Director track, which is lengthy but hardly funny. Persons belonging to industry can get that Nav Ras, Methodical Acting satire but difficult for a common audience to get it. Only one thing that saves this film from being unbearably bore is performance. Anuu Kapoor, Anupam Kher and Piyush Mishra are superb. Lisa Haydon is just OK. Akshay Kumar is fine. Music is OK but choreography is over board.