2 Average

Tees Maar Khan

Not nearly as entertaining or as much fun as Main Hoon Na or Om Shanti Om, but not terrible either. There are moments which are genuinely funny, but but there's equal moments that try to be funny but aren't. After watching TMK in my opinion Farah is definitely the more talented half of the couple at least when it comes to writing mainly because more jokes/gags fell flat in this movie than the previous two combined. Also the climax didn't feel like a climax, it seemed a bit dull. I also felt the film was rushed and had so much potential given the concept and cast. With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed Akshaye Khanna's character and Katrina's bimbette character(never thought a character played by Katrina would be one of my favorites in a film, but she's perfect for this role), and Akshay Kumar was the perfect Tees Maar Khan.