2.5 Good


I was damn excited for a movie with the deadly combo of Imtiaz Ali and Ranbir Kapoor including AR Rahman (cherry on top). I loved Rockstar, it was among one of my favorites in 2011. Which automatically made Tamasha my most anticipated movie of 2015 and damn was I spot on.

Tamasha is a visual treat, a movie with a PURE soul attached to it. There was a constant smile stuck on my face throughout its 139 min of runtime. Ranbir Kapoor's performance literally gave me awe-bumps (you know like goosebumps). Dayum, he's an excellent actor cum artist. Deepika was magnificent. And the songs, man. Each and everyone of it is bound to snug around your ears throughout the year.

Now let me get this straight, those who criticize this masterpiece are the same audience who disliked Rockstar, not because it was bad or something, it's just that they don't get it. They do not understand these kinda films. It's a piece of art. And I don't blame my fellow Indian audience to not to get along with these musical dramas, 'cuz they're way more inclined to commercial movies and the basic recipe of Bollywood masala crap. It's their comfort zone, and these movies make them uncomfortable.

Well, I'm shocked seeing negative remarks or even mixed reviews on such an extravagant cinema. But well, worry not 'cuz Imtiaz Ali's works are always slow burners and within a week or so Tamasha will begin. ;)