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Sunehre Din

Renuka Kumari (Rehana) lives a middle-classed lifestyle with her widowed mother, and has two wealthy friends, Asha Sinha (Roop Kamal) and Latarani (Nigar Sultana). All three are ardent fans of All India Radio singer, Premendra (Raj Kapoor), the only child of wealthy Raibahadur. All three attempt to meet him at the recording studio, but are instead introduced to Bedi, who plays the tabla, by none other than Premendra himself, who has already met with Renuka and is attracted to her. Unknown to her, Asha and Latarani do find out his real identity - but the real test will come when Renuka finds out that he has been two-timing her, and is all set to get married to Asha.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)