3 Good

When the title was first announced and the poster released, it left most of us thinking, here is a movie which has a tremendous potential to become a talked about movie even 10 years from now....boy! were we wrong...

Not that the movie is low in entertainment, theres loads of it, but for how long can people be expected to laugh at the same comical situations. Frankly speaking, it gets tedious after a while. The movie started off just about okay and continued to gather pace till the interval point. There on ...its just mindless fooling around.

Credit must be given to Akshay Kumar, He has excelled in his role as the bumbling buffoon. I hope he starts considering roles with more substance now...it wont be long before the janta start critising him for doing the same comical act again and again.

Katrina does what she is good at...looking pretty and thats just about it. She needs to start demonstrating her acting poweress soon..she has the potential.

Rest of the cast are just about ok..even annoying at times espicially Om puri and Javed Jaffery. The music is great and most of the songs are well placed. I espicially loved the choreography of 'Bhootni Ke' and 'Talli hua'.

'No entry' still remains the directors best effort. If Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor had saved 'Welcome', here its Akshay Kumar. I would be majorly dissapointed if this movie is more successful than 'Namastey London'...it just doesnt have the credentials to show for its blockbuster status