0.5 Poor

Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Paisa wapas do. I saw akshay's welcome and i hated it. i saw the entire film in 15 min and tht too all nana patekar scenes. But i must say after seeing SIK, welcome was a masterpiece. He was so loud in the film that after I point we didnt even care wht he said or did, we were busy munching our pop corns and discussing latest clothes. Why did they take Katrina. They could have a taken a manequin and that would have been much cheaper, not to say much more beautiful as we.. I like Neha Dhupia in the movie though. She was hot. Well the result of the movie doesnt surprise me much, as whats gonna happen when u conceive a story around a title rather than other way around. Pathetic. Pathetic. Sheer headache. Whoever said Akshay is king should go and watch aamir's and big b's movies.