4.5 Excellent

Shankar Hussain

A young lad takes fruit belonging to a Sikh male and starts throwing them around. The male smilingly picks up the boy and asks him his name, and the lad answers 'Shankarhusain'. The child's father identifies himself as Ajay (Suhail), his wife as Kusum, and narrates the story how the boy came to bear this name. Many years ago, a storm leaves a young Shia Muslim lad, Husain, homeless and orphaned. While helping residents, Dr. Udayshankar (Shreeram Lagoo), a Hindu, who lives with his son, Ajay; daughter, Kamalesh (Madhu Malini); a brother and his wife; and a widowed sister (Dina Pathak), takes the child home. When the rest of the family find out about the boy's religion, they decide to leave. Just as they are leaving, Husain has an accident and starts bleeding, the sister returns back, tends to the child and decides to stay. They live a fairly harmonious life even after the passing of Uday. Husain, who is re-named Iman Husain, completes his education, while Shankar becomes a doctor, and Kamalesh studies in school. Husain falls in love Kulsum (Madhuchanda), the daughter of a ferry employee, Mir Irshad Hussain (Gajanan Jagirdar), who approves of him. Kamalesh arranges the marriage but before even the engagement could take place Mir decides to cancel this alliance when he finds Husain playing Holi with other Hindus, and is dismayed with Kulsum's fascination with a nearby Mandir. Watch what impact this cancellation has on the family as well as on the rest of this small community of Suhana.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)